StankNasty Summons Gods Of Rock On Latest Remix

StankNasty takes it another level with his latest release I KNOW I’VE WON, implementing a sample of one of the most iconic songs of the counter culture era. Classic rock and folk music meets rap lyricism to create a hip hop influenced HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN remix. Created in the 1920’s by Texas Alexander, HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN has been covered by many artist since but was made famous by the Animals, after they heard Nina Simones rendition. This time StankNasty gets his turn on the song, giving it the contemporary make over we did not know we needed. With Kat Baker backing up on chorus with her sensually soft spoken voice, the soul of the 60’s and the energy of StankNasty’s quick and hard hitting lyricism, this remix puts you in another world!

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