Artist of the Week: Remey Le Flow Offers Street Wisdom in Life Hack/Bible Belt.

Easily the most impressive visual and sonic from Remey Le Flow to date. This five minute and fifty second long music video is bound to entertain and leave a listener pleased about the current state of hip hop. Remey takes a hard flow with bars about coming up in an uneasy atmosphere with competitive players. He raps the first half of the record with one of his more signature low rap voices. “My squad, we set traps, we came prepared, set up for all racks. Money hid in the safe house, gotta ask if its safe out.

The visual features Remey performing at night in a snowy back alley, and inside a garage with a flame torch. The second half of the music video features Remey in a white hoodie sing rapping in a completely different voice, almost Kendrick Lamar-esque. “Family raised me by the bible belt, first gen but yet I’m still a baby.” The melody and lyrics he weaves with the instrumental are complex and enthralling. Remey Le Flow’s gravelly, oddly high pitched voice from that second half of the record is still ringing.

This Remey Le Flow is only vaguely familiar, but here is to hoping he continues with this style as well as his others. It is refreshing and unique considering much of Chicago hip hop is dominated by low bass fast rhythmical rapping. This visual was a hit, bravo to Remey Le Flow on the project, and the growth he has made in an insanely short amount of time. We should be anticipating much more!

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