Woman Crush Wednesday: Krewella

A pair that have evolved so much since the start of their journey, these two seem to be an everlasting force in Chicago EDM. Starting early as a trio over a decade ago, Krewella has become a well known name in the EDM community, beyond the city. Gaining popularity when dubstep and dance music was at its peak momentum, around 2012-14. The Yousef sisters have come to represent much more than just their music flavor. Having played in major festivals around the world, worked with popular artists like, Diskord, Taylor Bennett, Yellow Claw, Pegboard Nerds and being remixed by some of the most prominent names in electronic music culture, their legacy holds power.

Today, way past departing with third wheel Rainman, the Chicago duo have completely evolved with their style, image and sound. Diving deep into their Pakistani roots, the Chicago sisters incorporate their ancestral culture into their image and sound, while maintaining their original creative energy. A new era surrounding the ideaology of the Krew.

Not just about their specific culture, Krewella inspires in more than one aspect. Family, culture, gender, self, and music. Their very existence inspires resistence in all norms, sending a message of self confidence no matter what. Being powerful role models for ambitious women, ethnic backgrounds, and rising arists who experience challenging come ups like Krew; the release of their first album since 2013, paired with a comeback headlining North American Tour, Krewella is only scratching the surface of their potential.


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