All Of Our Friends Are Cardboard People

From the San Francisco Bay Area emerges Cardboard People, an up and coming dynamic trio with strong perspectives. Comprising of vocalist Yunoka Berry, producer and songwriter Jim Greer, and Hieroglyphics founder and producer Damien Siguenza, all with a common goal. To give voice to the voiceless, with strong lyricism outlining social and political barriers and differences in our culture, through a blend of hip hop and avante-garde pop music. Announcing their self titled project with their debut single BONDAGE; it sounds like it will turn some heads.

BONDAGE is a strong message of the effects of slavery on the Black experience in America. Not leaving anyone out, being told through the perspective of the captor; the white man, singing “I am your leader, your fearless leader… I will control you, seek out to own you.” Acknowledging, no matter how uncomfortable, the imperialistic mindset, that oppressed and violated the sovereignty of many people. “I traveled from sea to sea, I want whats owed to me. I’ll do whatever it takes, to snatch all your kingdoms away.” To accompany the release is a music video, taking place at the ocean, a metaphor to slave ships perhaps? A strong intro to the forthcoming project, exciting to see what else they have on their minds.

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