WRDS Takes ‘Secret Sessions II’ To Chicago Streets with Native (Music Video)

True to his name, this artist deals WRDS heavily. From conscious lyricism to radio personalities, WRDS has great influence. What makes a dope artist is not only his talent but his role in supporting his fellow colleagues. But having so much accolades like winning first in Protect Your Essence in 2013 and placing top 20 out of 500 in No Sucka MC contest in New York does not hurt either. As a member of Chi-Native with Mik Logic, I.Deal and ThrowEmc provides a radio show every Tuesday (on their webiste linked below) for local Chicago artists to present their music. On his own time he is a lyrically ambitious MC and he just recently release an extension to his SECRET SESSIONS II project.

From his SECRET SESSIONS II LP, WRDS picks out the track NATIVE to add visuals to. Posted up among Chicago’s streets and graffiti murals, with visuals of the city’s skyline, he sends message of wisdom and wit to young artists. “Whats wrong little rapper friend, you angry and don’t want to rap again? Did no one show up to your show again?” He comes back with “Been there before you just need to vent” teasing at young artists the rough nature of the hip hop culture. His experience, Investing in himself and being his own man got him so lyrically inclined, he is able to fill another volume of SECRET SESSIONS with 8 tracks of knowledge that he recently released.

Stream SECRET SESSION II on below and follow his links below

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