A Weekend of Memory: Wu Tang Clan and Pilsen Fest

How could hip hop be dead, if Wu Tang is forever? Unfortunately Method Man could not make his performance at Joe’s in Rosemont due to some scheduling conflict. Regardless of the legend’s absence, Red Man showed up and proved why the golden era hip hop is here to stay. RhymSter, Radcliff Music and JaiTheArtist of Ever Evolved all had opening sets for the legendary honorary Wu Tang member known as Red Man (unofficial Wu Tang member).

Each artist brought out other members of their collective proving the selflessness and community driven philosophies of Ever Evolved. RhymSter brought to the stage Eric Wilhelm, Mike Booth and ESSSE to rock the mics during his set making a phenomenal impact. JaiTheArtist brought out CMac and they both got the crowd turned up! Radcliff came in right after with track after track of lyricism fit for the golden era legends. It was an incredible, unforgettable night. A night to prove that Chicago breeds real emcees and artists that perpetuate the authentic hip hop culture.

Getting off the stage, riding the high of the night, every member of Ever Evolved met fantastic fans and supporters ready to give their input and thanks for delivering impeccable entertainment in preparation for Red Man. The very next day — back at it again. Rhymster had a whole 45 minute set at Pilsen Fest and brought on every member of Ever Evolved, including a saucy DJ Curt Henny set. Seeing throngs of people walk by off 18th and Loomis start gravitating towards the Modelo Stage due to RhymSter’s performance was inspiring to say the least. This is nothing new, if you are at an Ever Evolved event, there is nothing but charisma and rapport with the audience. That is a given. That is Hip Hop.

The next day Aug. 18, last Sunday, two of our members and affiliates DJ Hunt and DJ Curt Henny also had sets for a dope showcase at Underbar. A weekend jam packed, literally, with hip hop events and experiences. Words cannot explain what it like to experience it as a whole. Ever Evolved is going to change the game for hip hop, artists in Chicago and how we as artists and entrepreneurs approach being successful in the music industry.

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Photos: Mike Booth, Mikebooth_87, truedeal_tv

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