New Ezy Era Harvests Heavy Hits

New Ezy Era sets himself up for a good year releasing an EP and a fresh single in time for New Year and late winter playlists, preparing him for live performances in January. Just on stage at Subterranean in Wicker Park, Chicago for Cold Front, going off with the crowd and his latest releases. Laced with dark beats and aggressive attitude New Ezy Era got the audience pumped with adrenaline and jumpin. Starting the night off with some good energy.

Loaded with an arsenal of new music Ezy Era released his Heavy Harvest EP late in the Autumn season. It may just be 4 tracks but these beats will get you moving, trying to catch his quick flow. Letting you know he is not that ordinary “vodka drinking, no lean sippin’… no backwoods no swishers” rapper. He is raw, like the papers he smokes. His most recent track Forgive Me Father, hits the speakers just as hard it sounds like Ezy Era wants to start some mosh pits. A different attitude from his previous George Lopez and Genesis Bars hits but just as versatile.

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