Dxtr Spits Lets It Ring

Coming onto the beat established and letting you know. Dxtr Spits is the man! Born and raised on the East Coast provinces of DC, Maryland and Virginia, Dxtr now represents the Chi and is leaving a mark in music. Not just an artist but an entrepreneur as well with many ideas to brand himself and expand. Representing his own clothing brand ONLI backpacks, booking his own show alongside his glaring onstage persona backed by his conscious lyricism built over years. As evident by his many projects, singles and collaborations.

On stage his energy is lively and mystical regularly performing under black light and neon paint smeared across his clothes and body. His performances not only capture the eyes of the audience but other artists as well as creatives like Chai Tulani, Ace Da Vinci, Lester Ray, Adam Ness and other locals come to collab with him. So you don’t even have to ask him , you should already know he is the man! His recent single Let It Ring with Simonexus J. repeats so you do not forge. You can see him performing around Chicago, supporting local artists from the crowd or even performing an Ever Evolved event, he is everywhere!

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