Ill-Esha Holds No Labels

Ill-Esha continues to make some noise with some collaborations and remixes. The multi talented artist bounces between genres on After School with Slicarus from Australia and Almost There by Aceyalone. You just cannot define her to one sound or label. Her remix leaning on the trap bass side as opposed to electronica, more familiar to Slic. The tracks come following her Open The Vault EP showcasing previous undeniably dope work and reaching 40k followers on the cloud.

Recently featured in a Boiler Room Denver set sponsored by Budweiser. A live set displaying her vocals and beat work. A performance I got to witness back in Chicago during the Taste with local  trio the Rapper Chicks. Again emphasizing her various talents and interests in an interview with my self, Ill-Esha, Angel(ee-nuh) and Hologram Kizzie after their performance. Continuing to push the boundaries musically, whatever Ill-Esha creates next should be exciting!

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