Bite Me Perfects More Remixes

Completing so much since his debut release, Bite Me has gained quite the following. Maxing out at around 15k followers on soundcloud. It is because his good ear in original production and remixes, impressing many ears with his take on GTA X Skrillex. While his original work stands out with a dramatic and crisp sound and style that is becoming identifiable to the artist. His latest just keeps topping his last as this self-taught artist continues to learn and improve and at the same time gifting the fruit of his labor for free!

Continuing a trend of female vocals in his remixes, it is handled well with synths, piano and heavy bass. Polina‘s vocal house track Little Babylon is transformed into a melodic trap anthem that maintains a fresh energy from start to finish, like an adrenaline rush. Takin it a step further Bite Me takes Fallen by Freefall and Savannah Low in a different direction. Standing out in remix package competition the house track designed for the dance floor was flipped on its head. Doing justice for the vocals you can get caught in a trance amongst the lyrics and synths floating over hats and snares but in an instant bass will takes over. Nothing but gold from this artist so far and he is only starting, so keep your ears open for his next tune.

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