The Ever Evolving Rhymster

Rhymster is back on the scene with a myriad of new tracks. Never left of course the man is busy with multiple side projects within Ever Evolved. Coming back from hosting a successful hip hop and art show at Royal Skate & Apparel in Lansing Illinois with heavy talent by local artists, he will be back performing this time at Iridium Clothing for Ever Evolved’s second event of the year co-presented by Wardens Midwest, Eat Well and Dark CloudAt this show you will be hearing some of the finest new jams from the artist.

Jean Harlow to Marilyn Monroe, or JH 2 MM for short, is a collab track between Rhymster and respected EE studio member AuX AR; A couple of ambitious emcees rapping about the hustle of life and what they know about it. “Nothing in this world is impossible“, echoes the chorus gets you that motivated pump over sick hip hop beat produced by GridLock Andy. This is just one of the many conscious rap joints you will be hearing at our shows.

I Wonder is another collab beat with Mike Booth you will be hearing at our events. This time produced by Frekwenzy, Ever Evolved’s graphic artist and studio engineer and the same artist, Rhymster, spitin rhymes over the track as well. Rhymster is proving to be a very versatile artist as he has countless times before. Not only can he flawlessly and consciously rap, he can network effectively and produce beats on his own. A real independent artist; Not too long ago releasing an instrumental Lo$er. Will he sell the beat or will keep it, rap over it who knows. You will have to keep following him to check out what he has in store for Chicago.

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