AR Plans to Release Album “Educated Low Lives” Mid December


Ever Evolved and AuxGod artist, AR, is planning on releasing his album, Educated Low Lives mid-December to end the year on a high note. The Educated Low Lives album will consist of roughly 18 tracks featuring various artists such as Sharon Irving, a recent semifinalist from the America’s Got Talent, Point Blank 860 of Connecticut Thoroughbreds, Triangle Offense (which consists of himself, and Ever Evolved artists Rhymster and Mike Booth), as well as Terry Tertiary from Warden’s Midwest.

He named the Album Educated Low Lives due to his recent experiences in life from being homeless for roughly 4 years after graduating college. Periodically, he had places to stay; otherwise, he would sleep on the 24 hour CTA trains. Through these adverse times, he learned a lot about himself as well as  life. Music motivated AR as he rode the Chicago Transit for hours at a time. It kept his mind from going into a panic stare. Navigating himself through the city of Chicago without any stable sources of income, AR stayed optimistic as well as poised during such a low time, which allowed him to collect the knowledge to survive! This is what made him deemed as an Educated Low Life!

This upcoming Thursday, December 3rd (6:30 PM) , catch him, as well as Ever Evolved Artists Macho Beatz and A.B.S for their group listening party at Earphoria: Chicago. Be ready for a night of new music and a potluck spread of food!

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