Coming out of Chicago, Cofresi brings a whole new sound to the the streets with mellow synths progressions and fresh beat work to put you in the zone. With an original take on music comes a unique musical outlet and when Cofresi performs live he brings to the table live drumming back to back with with live midi controller where he controls samples, melodies basslines and the works. A live show that can really control the energy of the room. Since experiencing Cofresi live during a show on a tour with Probcause I myself have been an avid follower keeping up with his new tunes.

The talent coming out of this man comes from some many years of dedication to his craft. At the age of just 4 years he grew a love for drumming and later after he took to learn and practice piano. Eventually learning to produce electronically to combine his live drumming, piano work and knowledge of music till then to create future bass style music with his own creative edge. Now he is performing live and working alongside artists like Cherub, Gramatik, Earphunk and fellow Chicagoan Probcause who collabs with Cofresi frequently; as recently as featuring him on his lastest album Drifters. Working with artist like these is helping him take off with his music and all the experience is helping his sound get even better as he continues to produce newer work.

Bellenova and Fuk’M are recent tracks, however not the point of emphasis of this post. I just want you to get a feel of the artist, really feel where he is coming from. His most recent body of work is as fresh as is gets. Starting with a track called Flute, Nuveau this 5 track ep takes off into a whirlwind of mellow synth patterns and basslines with flawless beatwork. Flute is the base of the ep right off the bat starting with unique sounds and patterns with the woodwind and leading into future bass break down and the energy continues into Smoke’N. Mode has to be the body of the ep, the backbone, the heavy hittin track ringin through your head. Idigo breaths calmness into you after that boost of energy with melodic tones. Finally Kodo with high energy with bass synths and unique instruments blaring throughout to not bring an end to the EP but a beginning to a continuation to Cofresi’s future work that will surely be breathtaking while listening to! Connect with him on soundcloud to find out how you can get this work for free and make sure to follow our local homie.

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